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The idea was originally conceptualized as a collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in Nigeria to partake in the WHO launching of the global strategy for elimination of cervical cancer. It was meant to provide traction to individual activities of stakeholders in the collaboration such that the final impact on burden of cervical cancer will be greater than the summative impact of individual activities.

It was quickly realized that there is need for a system to monitor and evaluate contributions of both government and non governmental organisations to the progress made towards achieving the 90:70:90 targets. Hence End Cervical Cancer Naija(ECCN) was birthed with overarching goal of using the global strategy for elimination of cervical cancer as advocacy tool to reduce the burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria.


a Nigeria where cervical cancer is no more a disease of public health significance.


using global strategy for elimination of cervical cancer as advocacy tool for reducing burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria.

Nigeria Cervical Cancer Elimination Pledge

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Global call for action

Global call for action
In May 2018, the director general of WHO, Dr Tedros called for global cooperation to(LINKhttps://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/cervical-cancer-an-ncd-we-can-overcome ) eliminate cervical cancer. Within 2years of the call, a global strategy for elimination of cervical cancer as a disease of public health significance( https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/draft-global-strategy-towards-eliminating-cervical-cancer-as-a-public-health-problem) has been adopted by the 73rd World Health Assembly in August 2020 despite the covid pandemic. This underscores the value of unity in the efforts to eliminate cervical cancer.

Nigerian stakeholders are leveraging on the the global strategy to rally states, national and international collaborations towards reducing the burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria. We are therefore calling on all well meaning individuals and organisations to collaborate towards putting Nigeria on the path of achieving the 90:70:90 targets.

What is the situation?

What is the situation?

Cancer of the cervix is a disease that reflects global inequity. Its burden is greatest in low resource countries, where access to public health services is limited and screening and treatment for the disease have not been widely implemented.

Nigeria is one of the countries without organized cervical cancer prevention program, hence the burden of cervical cancer is unduly high. In 2018, it was estimated that there were about 14,000 new cases of cervical cancer and about 10,000 cervical cancer related deaths in Nigeria. It is believed that the real figure will be higher than these estimates since most of the patients might not have access to proper care. In Nigeria more than 80% of patients present in advanced stages where little or no hope for cure.

“Through cost-effective, evidence-based interventions, including human papillomavirus vaccination of girls, screening and treatment of precancerous lesions, and improving access to diagnosis and treatment of invasive cancers, we can eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem and make it a disease of the past,” said Dr Tedros.

The path to elimination.

To eliminate cervical cancer, all countries must reach and maintain an incidence rate of below 4cases per 100 000 women. WHO’s strategy of elimination rests on three main pillars:

-prevention through vaccination

-screening and treatment of precancerous lesions

-treatment and palliative care for invasive cervical cancer

All three pillars must be implemented collectively and at scale to achieve the goal of elimination.

Why should you pledge your support?
There are ongoing efforts to reduce the burden of cervical cancer in Nigeria but these efforts are not coordinated and definitely not sufficient. We therefore need coordinated commitment from all stakeholders if Nigeria is to reach the threshold of less than 4cases per 100,000 women.

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Launching of Global Strategy for Elimination of Cervical Cancer, Kebbi State

Cervical Cancer is preventable! Let us work together to prevent it.

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